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Mélanie Laurent

A restless photographer leaves her family to "find herself" and takes up deep-sea diving, in this emotional drama from Mélanie Laurent.

Paz (María Valverde) is a Spanish photographer seeking adventure. Travelling and meeting new people are part of her DNA. The same had been true for César (Gilles Lellouche), a French war correspondent, but he is now looking for a quieter life. Where Paz dreams of new experiences, César would rather write about those in his past. Despite their different outlooks, they are madly in love. When Paz learns that she's pregnant, however, César's enthusiastic reaction is not matched by her own more muted response.

While Paz certainly experiences moments of joy with their baby son, Hector, there are many more of exhaustion and frustration as she bears the daily burdens of motherhood, mostly alone. There are glimpses of Paz's former life, and she mounts a new photo exhibit at a local gallery, but even César comments that her work somehow feels less free than before. He feels her slipping away. Suffocated by motherhood, Paz makes the difficult decision to leave her family. Alone with Hector, César must decide whether those who want to run away also want to be found.

Adapting Christophe Ono-dit Biot's novel of the same name, actor-turned-filmmaker Mélanie Laurent dives into her source material in search of Paz's heart. Whether through the subtle and commanding performances of the two leads or in the film's arresting images, emotion fills the screen. Though an inventive narrative structure considers Paz's story from multiple perspectives, she is never far away from Plonger's centre, just as she is never far away from those she loves.


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