In Paolo and Vittorio Taviani’s elegant historical drama, a doomed love-triangle gets caught up in the tumultous upheaval of the Second World War and the partisan resistance in Italy.



Rainbow - A Private Affair

Paolo Taviani, Vittorio Taviani

Responsible for some of the most illustrious films in the history of Italian cinema, the renowned Taviani brothers, Paolo and Vittorio, turn to the Second World War and Italy's anti-fascist resistance movement for the subject of their new film (which, sadly, some are saying may be their last). Bearing all the trademark characteristics the Tavianis have honed over the decades, Rainbow - A Private Affair, loosely based on the book by Beppe Fenoglio, is an elegantly told tale about idealistic young love and the bittersweet realities that temper it.

Milton (Luca Marinelli), a good-looking young man named after the great 17th century English poet, is head over heels for the enigmatic Fulvia (Valentina Bellè), who is as flirtatious and unpredictable as she is stunning. Over the course of one idyllic summer spent in a country mansion, Milton vies for Fulvia's attentions, which are in danger of being won over by a newcomer, the charismatic Giorgio (Lorenzo Richelmy). The trio enjoys this summer interlude before the clouds of war dim their happiness. Years later, Milton, having joined a partisan band, is on a mission to rescue Giorgio, who has been captured and is likely to be executed. Milton's attempt to find and free his friend is wrapped up in his most private fear: was the relationship between Fulvia and Giorgio ever more than just friendship?

With the same misty Northern Italian hills where the partisans once operated providing a haunting atmosphere, Rainbow - A Private Affair is a deep and sympathetic observation of the personal swept up in the tides of history.



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